A dental implant is essentially replacing a missing tooth with a fabricated tooth. It is a tooth restoration procedure that takes care of the aesthetics as well as functionality, and replaces the natural tooth in both aspects as closely as possible. Dental implants in Los Angeles are commonly done with ceramic or porcelain pieces, which make your smile more beautiful and natural-looking.

In the last few decades, dental implant technology has revolutionized the field of dentistry. Prior to this technology, the dentists mostly had to rely on traditional bridge work to restore a lost tooth. Even today, bridge work is used when the patient is not ready for an implant. But the disadvantage with bridge work is that it involves the preparation of the adjacent teeth, and also takes their support on both sides. This compromises the natural strength of those healthy teeth to some extent.

On the contrary, a dental implant in Los Angeles does not disturb the neighboring healthy teeth. It can be a stand-alone tooth. At the same time, its longevity and efficiency is superior to that of a bridge. Dental implants can last for a very long time, and in many cases, they may last a lifetime if the patient takes diligent care of his or her oral health and hygiene.

A dental implant is a permanent procedure. There is no requirement to remove it or re-adjust it in any way. In fact, the patient is likely to forget about the implant soon after it has been placed. Even from an aesthetic point of view, an implant that has been done well will resemble very closely with the rest of the natural teeth. Other people would not be able to tell if a person has a dental implant in Los Angeles.

We at Esthetic Dentistry are confident in the skills of our dental surgeons , and dental implants Los Angeles patients can rest assured that we take utmost care when we perform these procedures. The success of a dental implant is largely dependent on the skill and expertise of the dental surgeon who is performing the procedure. Other factors that can influence the procedure’s outcome are the quality and the quantity of bone that is available at the site. However, it is estimated that almost 95 percent of dental implants are very successful, and therefore its longevity depends to an extent on the patient’s oral health and hygiene practices.

Dental implants in Los Angeles are useful even for those patients who are already using partial or full dentures. These removable dentures cause a lot of inconvenience to most patients because they become loose. Dental implant technology can help to make the dentures better fitting, and ensure much better comfort for the users.

Dental implant technology has come as a boon for all dental patients worldwide who suffer from tooth loss due to reasons such as disease or injury. It is a proven and effective way to restore a person’s oral health and natural appearance of the teeth.

Esthetic Dentistry provides the top-notch dental implants Los Angeles patients need to restore their smile. For inquiries, please contact us or visit our office. We are always happy to hear from you.