According to dentists, CEREC Dentistry is a treatment method which gets a lot of people excited about dentistry.

Since most people in their adult lives have at least got treated with one or two crowns, they know that the process involved is very cumbersome. Normally, when a patient visits the dentist for treatment through a crown, firstly, they numb the particular tooth so that the crown can fit onto the preparation. Then a mold or an impression of that preparation is made. Once this is done, the impression or the mold is sent to the lab for fabrication. In the meantime, the patient will be given a temporary restoration which is to be worn for one to two weeks until the lab fabricates the original restoration. The problem with the temporary restoration is that, it is very weak and it comes off easily. It could be very annoying if such a temporary restoration falls out.

However, with CEREC Dentistry, patients don’t need to undergo this hassle at all. With the CEREC system, instead of taking an impression of the tooth, the dentist scans the tooth with a computer camera device and designs the dental crown on the computer screen. Following this, the crown is milled from a high grade ceramic material. Once the machine milling is complete, the dentist will immediately place the crown on to the tooth. The beauty of all of this is that the entire process can be done in a single appointment.

The reduced use of time for the entire process makes the CEREC system ideal for patients with busy professional and personal lives. Normally, patients can watch a movie and even before the credits are done, the entire procedure would be done and over with. Unlike in the past, a patient will not have to deal with the numbing of the tooth, handling a temporary crown and make return visits to the dentist.

At the end of the day, the CEREC system is all about convenience, and delivering a quality restoration without any compromise in a short period of time.